SE Michigan

Restoration of Unique Ottawa Lake Residence

Ottawa Lake, MI

What’s a homeowner’s #1 fear? Well, that happened one day in Ottawa Lake, Michigan, when an exterior fire caused smoke and soot to infiltrate homeowner Dale Schroyer’s house. (Read more...)

Spring Arbor University, Gainey Hall

Spring Arbor, MI

When you look back on the winter of 2014 in Michigan, the one word that probably comes to mind is cold. It was one of the fiercest and iciest winters on record in the U.S., so much so that it was later coined the “North American cold wave.” (Read more...)

ALRO Plastics

Jackson, MI

As anyone who works in the manufacturing world will tell you, safety is of the utmost importance, and it takes a truly team effort to address any disasters that occur within a manufacturing setting. So when a hopper filled with plastic caught fire in the back of a two-story warehouse one day in 2013, southeast manufacturing company ALRO Plastics knew they had to find the best restoration company to work with. (Read more...)

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