Water Damage Cleanup Toledo, water damage repair toledo

Get Ready For Rain!

Water Damage Cleanup Toledo, water damage repair toledoAccidents are accidents and disasters are disasters by their very nature- they are unplanned and unavoidable. However, even though you can’t control heavy rains, there ARE a few things that you can do to prepare your home and property from excessive damage during the next heavy rain.

Revisit Your Roof

Your roof is a huge investment and your first defense against the damaging rain and storms. However, intense sun and weather age the materials and wear them down over time. Improper installation or faulty flashing are also potential opportunities for heavy rain to get up under the roof to damage your home.

Be proactive and conduct a roof inspection from the ground. Look for shrinking or curling shingles, worn materials, cracks in the chimney and suspicious discoloration.  What if you find areas of concern? Next, take a look from the top and thoroughly inspect the flashing. Look at gutters, plumbing boots, satellite dish installations, etc.

Make, or contract, the repairs NOW– while the sun is shining– to prevent potential damage.

Gutters Can’t Work If You Don’t

The best gutters can’t work if they are filled with leaves and other debris. Poorly designed or improperly functioning gutters can lead to pools of standing water at the foundation level. Not only do you need to clear out the trash but you should also check the seams. Make necessary repairs.

Be sure the physical gutters are securely attached to the structure. Lastly, make sure that all downspouts a direct rain out and away from the home. Deteriorating foundation support can cause problems down the road. If puddles regularly form after a modest rain, consider 1) adding an extender to the downspouts or 2) dig a trench or install a French drain to protect the foundation.

Shore Up The Sides

Exterior siding is a vital barrier but it doesn’t last forever. Keep up with painting as another layer of protection for your home. Also, heavy winds and horizontal rains can drive water up under the siding so inspect for cracked boards, rodent damage and rotten trim.

Securely shut all external doors and windows in your home and check their seal. Look for light and feel for drafts. Obviously, these corrections will save you energy costs now but will also save you from water damage in a storm.

Prepare Beyond Your Property Lines

Much storm damage is a result of tree limbs falling on your home and power lines. Maintain the trees that are your responsibility and contact the city to clear their responsibilities.

If your city has street grates, check for trash, limbs or debris blocking them. It is the city’s job to inspect the grates but clearing debris away from them can go a long way in protecting your home from water damage and sewer back up issues during a heavy rainfall.

Tidy Up Outside

Store or secure possessions like lawn furniture, gardening tools, and trash cans. Think of what could become airborne and cause damage. If you have an outdoor grill, can you store in an outbuilding? If not, invest in a waterproof covering to protect it from the elements.

Bonus tip: If you have a rain barrel, make sure the overflow is directed away from your house.

Long-Term Plans

Use landscaping to disperse the water more evenly; correct the slope to ensure that water flows away from the buildings. Regularly aerate your lawn, especially if it is hard, compacted or clay-based; this will help water soak into the ground. If you live beside a pond or lake, leave natural plants along the shoreline to slow the flow of water and protect your property.

Cousino Restoration Water Damage Process

A rain-soaked yard is a mess, but a full-scale flood in the kitchen requires professional help. Cousino Restoration is dedicated to working quickly and efficiently to restore your property. After as much of the water and wet materials have been removed as possible, they will use a combination of dehumidifiers, fans, and moisture monitors to ensure your property is thoroughly dried. If the source of the water was contaminated or if the water damage was not discovered quickly, additional steps will be taken to clean, deodorize, and disinfect the affected areas.

Call 800-874-2122 or visit cousinorestoration.com  for emergency response. Four office locations throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan provide our customers with fast, friendly, and local service.