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8 Easy Ways To Prevent Kitchen Fires   

fire damage repair toledo, fire damage toledoThere’s nothing quite as relaxing as enjoying a nice, home-cooked meal. However, nothing can ruin cooking food in your home quite as quickly as a kitchen fire.

Kitchen fires are more common than you think—44% of all house fires start in the kitchen. Kitchen fires are also responsible for 15% of house fire deaths and 38% of fire injuries annually. With staggering numbers like that, you might find yourself wondering how you can prevent yourself from joining that 44%. Below, find eight easy ways to prevent kitchen fires from striking your home.


Always make sure that you unplug the things you are not using. Toasters, coffeemakers, blenders, mixers, etc. all have the potential to carry electricity while still plugged in, and if a wire is faulty or damaged, a single spark could land your home in a disaster.

Be Microwave-Aware

Know what things can and cannot go in the microwave. Metal heats up very rapidly in the microwave and not only can ruin your appliance, but also spark a devastating fire right in your kitchen. Never cook food in aluminum foil. If you’re not sure if your dish is microwave-safe, check the bottom of the dish for a microwave-safe symbol.

Set Timers

It’s easy to get distracted and forget about the food on the stove or in the oven. To prevent burning, smoke, and fires, set a timer to be sure you are checking your food before disaster strikes. In addition, don’t leave food unattended, especially when it runs the risk of boiling over or splattering.

Maintain Your Appliances

Be sure to keep your appliances clean and damage-free. Dump the crumbs out of your toaster. Wipe the residue out of your microwave. Clean out the bottom of your oven. Wipe down your stovetop. Simple clean habits can keep your kitchen safe. If one of your appliances seems to not be working right, get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible before it runs the risk of starting a fire.

Dress With Caution

Did you know that billowy clothing, long sleeves, or long hair can be a fire hazard in the kitchen? If a sleeve gets too close to something hot, it could lead to a sudden emergency. In order to keep yourself out of harm’s way, roll up your sleeves in the kitchen, pull your hair back, and try to avoid any type of clothing that might get in the way of your cooking.

Keep It Clear

Keep hot pads, oven mitts, hand towels, paper towels, and plastic kitchenware away from your stovetop. Avoid setting anything unnecessary on your stovetop, and keep it clear of clutter.

Avoid Using Too Much Oil

Using too much oil in your pot or pan can lead to splattering and grease fires; a true recipe for disaster. Only use as much oil as you need and keep an eye on it to avoid overheating. 

Install Smoke Detectors

Make sure your smoke detectors have fresh batteries and are up to par. A smoke detector has the ability to detect kitchen fires when you’re not in the room and may help you catch your kitchen fire in time before the damage gets out of hand. 

Your Next Move After Disaster Strikes

Even by following these eight simple prevention steps, your kitchen isn’t 100% fireproof. If you find yourself and your home victim to a kitchen fire, your next move after calling 911, putting out the fire, and making sure everyone is okay, should be to call a professional fire damage repair service. Never try DIY fire damage repair, not only as it can lead to accidentally throwing out salvageable things, but also because it can be very dangerous, and you might miss things that professionals could cover without any hassle at all. Prepare yourself today by finding out who to call for local fire damage repair. If you live in the Toledo area, you can call Cousino Restoration 24/7 at 800-874-2122 for a fast response to your fire damage.