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Don’t Wait – Call A Professional Immediately After A Fire

fire damage repair toledo, fire damage cleanup toledoIf you have ever been through a fire, you know exactly how overwhelming and emotionally draining it can be. You will likely have to stay at a hotel for a while until your home has been cleared for entry and you might be tempted to leave calling a professional fire damage repair company in Toledo until the next day. Even if your energy is completely drained, you should not put off calling a professional for a minute. At Cousino Restoration, our team wants to share some reasons why you should act immediately after a fire. 

Potential Water Damage

Did you know that water damage many times will follow fire damage? Water is used to extinguish fires and so your entire home sometimes will become saturated with water during the extinguishing process. When fire affects your home, it can burn or melt off protective finishes even on surfaces that were not directly touched by the fire because of the high heat. This can leave all the surfaces in your home susceptible to more water getting in and getting trapped in objects and surfaces. You can also experience even more water damage if your home isn’t correctly protected against the weather. Many times in fires, firefighters will have to break windows or cut holes in the roof, and if these holes are left alone, water will be able to get into them. You will need a professional fire damage repair expert to secure down tarps even if the rest of the home is not ready for repairs. 

Acidity In Soot

You may think that the worst of the damage is over when the fire is put out, however, soot is acidic, and the longer it sits on a surface, the more damage it will do. Your hardware, faucets, or appliances can become tarnished or damaged as each passing hour goes on. This is why you should have a professional see to cleaning up your fire damage affected area as soon as possible. They can ensure that the least amount of damage is done after the fire is out. 

Permanent Odors

Have you ever gone to a bonfire? When you have a campfire or bonfire, even if you sit far away from it, you will end up smelling like smoke until you change your clothes and take a shower. It is the same for your home. Your home will smell like smoke until you are able to get all the affected areas out and have a fire damage repair professional clean it up. If you allow the charred items to sit in your home for an extended amount of time, the smoke will end up permeating every surface and it can become difficult to get the odor out of anything. Calling a professional right away will make it easier to get rid of the odor as soon as possible. 

Fire damage repair is something you should never handle on your own. It can be dangerous to deal with if you’ve never had experience with it before, and the whole situation can be overwhelming, especially if you had important items lost in the fire. Be sure to call a professional remediation company like Cousino Restoration to help you recover faster.