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3 Common Types Of Winter Water Damage

water damage cleanup toledo, water damage toledoAlthough water damage can happen year-round, winter gives water damage a variety of outlets that the other seasons don’t offer. Because of this, winter storms cause billions of dollars in damage every year in the United States. Cousino Restoration is here to explain three different types of common winter water damage that can affect your home or business.

  1. Freezing pipes

Freezing pipes are probably one of the most known culprits of water damage in the winter. But why does it even matter if your pipes freeze?

When water freezes and becomes ice, its particles expand, putting pressure on the pipes. This can sometimes push the pipes past their elastic capacity, causing the pipes to burst. Once a pipe bursts, you obviously will have a difficult time getting water to go to where it was intended to go. Although pipes can freeze almost anywhere in your home or business, pipes are most likely to freeze and burst in spaces that are unheated. This may include areas like the basement, garages, storage rooms, or attics. The pipes running through these areas of a building may not seem like the most essential ones to the functionality of your home or business since unheated areas are generally low importance and low traffic areas, but keep in mind that many of the pipes that feed to other areas of a building run through these unheated areas. Consequently, it is good to keep an eye on these pipes during the winter time and to contact a water damage cleanup company if they burst.

  1. Roof damage from the weight of snow or ice

One of the first things people forget to worry about during the winter is their roofs. This is unfortunate because roofs are one of the top parts of the house at risk for water damage during the winter. The buildup of snow and ice on your roof becomes heavy overtime, putting a lot of pressure on your roof. Sometimes this can lead to part of your roof sagging, getting a hole in it, or collapsing. Older roofs are especially at risk for this type of winter water damage.

  1. Flooding from melting snow or excessive rain

Whether the precipitation in your area takes the form of rain, snow, or both, it is sure to have the potential to flood your home or business. When the snow melts rapidly during a warmer period during the winter or the end of the winter or your area experiences heavy rainfall, the runoff can surpass the amount that the area can handle, resulting in the excess going to the only place it can – your home or business. This leads to undesired flooding and water damage that needs to be cleaned up by a professional.

If your home or business is in need of water damage cleanup as the result of winter water issues, you are not alone. The first thing you should do when you notice signs of winter water damage is to contact your local water damage cleanup company to assist you in the restoration process. If you live in or near Toledo, contact Cousino Restoration.