Electrical Cord Safety

We would be completely helpless without all the electrical gadgets and appliances in our homes and workplaces. They are such an integral part of our lives that we don’t stop to think that these appliances can be dangerous too. Most of the fires that occur in workplaces and homes are often caused due to damaged equipment and electrical cords.

Here are some very easy-to-follow, but extremely important, electrical cord safety tips from the Cousino Restoration team that can help to keep your workplace, home, your employees and family members safe from the hazards of fire caused due to faulty electrical cords.

Do’s and Don’ts for Electric Cord Safety


  • Inspect all the electrical cords on a regular basis and check for any signs for wear or fraying. Replace all broken or frayed cords as damaged cords can cause fires.
  • When buying new cords, ensure that they are of good quality as it is better to invest in an expensive cord, which will be much cheaper than incurring losses in case of a fire.
  • Use extension cords only if absolutely required. It is better to plug the appliances into the electrical outlets directly and arrange the appliances so that they are as close to the electrical outlet as possible.
  • Check the maximum capacity of the electrical cords and stay within the range and don’t overload them. Exceeding the maximum capacity of the electrical cord can blow the fuses and can even cause a fire.
  • Keep all the electrical cords organized neatly with approved cord bundling devices or ties. Label the devices or ties so that you are not confused when unplugging the devices.


  • Avoid connecting a series of short extension cords together, as this can be very dangerous and increases the risk of a fire. Instead, buy a longer extension cord.
  • Avoid leaving the electrical cords dangling which can cause you or others to trip over and get hurt. This is especially if you have a pet at home that loves chewing things. This can damage the electrical cord and also hurt your pet if the cord is plugged into an electrical socket.
  • Avoid stapling or nailing the electrical cords to walls and other surfaces as the nails or staples can penetrate the electrical wires and result in a short circuit that can cause a fire.
  • If you’re using extension cords, don’t stretch them across the worksite as they can be damaged by feet, water, tires, chemicals, etc. It may also grievously hurt any worker who may trip over the cord. It is best to use cordless versions of construction tools that remove the requirement for cumbersome cords.
  • Avoid plugging extension cords into surge protectors as the extension cords can become hot very fast, especially if there are many other plugs in the outlet nearby. Always use an extension cord which has a sufficiently long cord and it is a good idea to invest in extension cords of various sizes so that you have the right one for the job.

Proper care and use of electrical devices and electrical cords can go a long way in keeping your home and workplace safe from fire.

However, if there is any fire-related emergency, you can call our Cousino Restoration team at 800-874-2122.