Classic Water Damage Cleanup Blunders

A flooded home is bad enough. The last thing you need is to add to the damage and stress by making mistakes in the cleanup process. The good news is that these mistakes are easy to avoid if you are vigilant. However, if you don’t take the cleanup process seriously, you are likely to make some of these mistakes and regret it down the road. Here are four of these classic mistakes according to our water damage restoration experts at Cousino Restoration in Toledo.


Procrastinating is a part of human nature. The appeal of procrastinating is made even stronger by the fact that water damage restoration can be a difficult and time-intensive job. Don’t give in to this temptation! Every prolonged hour that floodwater remains in your home, the greater damage that is caused. Given enough time, water can seep into your walls, carpets, and furniture – causing irreparable damage. Another common problem that occurs from procrastination is mold growth. Mold can begin growing as soon as 24 hours after a flood so waiting to clean up the floodwater will very likely lead to mold growth.

Underestimating Hidden Dangers

A flood brings about far more problems than just the water itself. Underestimating the full extent of potential dangers after a flood can be a very hazardous mistake to make. Some of the dangers that occur after a flood are contaminated water, mold growth, and structural damage. Each one of these can cause far more damage to your home than you would expect and put your health at risk. This is especially true with contaminated water. Contaminated water is floodwater that contains harmful bacteria and microorganisms. If there is any chance that floodwater in your home is at all contaminated, you should avoid contact with it and leave the cleanup to the pros.

Not Paying Attention To The Details

Properly completing the water damage restoration process requires a large amount of attention to detail. The main reason for this is that unless all the water is removed, you will still encounter problems. Even just one uncleaned pocket of moisture in the basement can lead to damage to your drywall and mold growth that spreads throughout your home. Since you don’t have time to scrupulously examine and clean every inch of your home we at Cousino Restoration in Toledo are here to help.

Not Calling The Pros

With the rising popularity of DIY methods, an increasingly common trend after flooding is homeowners attempting to restore the damage on their own. This is usually a bad idea for a number of reasons. First of all, water damage restoration is a difficult and time-intensive process. Most people who attempt to do it on their own find that they took on a much bigger time commitment than they expected. Second, professional restoration companies have the equipment to properly restore a home. Without the benefit of water pumps, industrial drying fans, and state-of-the-art restoration technology you will be unable to give your home the service it really deserves.