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What Should I Do About Flooding In Ann Arbor?

Have you ever heard someone say something like, “Oh, well, it’s water under the bridge”? It’s a great descriptive way to express the idea that something has been solved and doesn’t matter much now; usually by the passage of time. Some things, however, require more than the passage of time to fix. In fact, some things become worse with the passage of time! One of those things that can only be “water under the bridge” with the implementation of an active solution is water in your home. Water damage is bad news; it is harmful and damaging, potentially expensive, relatively common, and it gets progressively worse with time. With the right action plan, you can make water damage in your home a thing of the past; “water under the bridge,” if you will. 

water damage repair ann arbor, water damage restoration ann arbor, water damage ann arbor,

We at Cousino would like to introduce steps you can take after experiencing flooding in your Ann Arbor home to minimize the losses: 

  1. Remember: Safety First. Don’t rush in so fast to fix your flooding emergency that you forget to  be safe. Before investigating turn off your power to any affected areas. Because water can be contaminated with harmful substances, wear waterproof clothing and avoid contact with water as much as possible. 
  2. Assess the situation. If you have valuables, family keepsakes, or anything particularly sensitive to water, remove it and stow it away in a safe and dry spot. Try to see where the water is coming from and take pictures of things that you feel may be relevant to examine or show others later. If your water damage situation is less sudden or dramatic (perhaps water seeps slowly at the site of a window only when it rains, this is still a helpful step. Half of the battle against water damage is having an accurate idea of what exactly is causing it.
  3. Call a professional. Before you take other steps, you ought to call for some help. Urgency here is key; too many people wait too long before calling someone because they want to do everything they can themselves, only to find that they need some help and it could’ve been on the way an hour ago with a quick call. Professionals such as those at Cousino Restoration are available 24/7 and know exactly how to jump into water extraction and necessary restoration. Hiring a professional is also a good idea because they will likely get what you may miss – and having a good quality cleanup may prevent other problems, like mold growth, in the future. 
  4. Begin the drying process while you wait for help. Likely, the expert you called will give you some things to do or check before they arrive when they hear of your specific situation. In a flooding situation, it is a good idea to put some plywood or foil under the legs of furniture to prevent them soaking into wet carpet. Using a towel or buckets to extract some water is also advisable. 

Flooding is no fun and never convenient. Luckily, with the right steps, it can be taken care of and be a thing of the past.