SteraMist VS Coronavirus

Cousino Medical ServicesWhat Is Coronavirus?

As a large family of viruses, the 2019 novel coronavirus-Wuhan (2019-nCoV) has a tendency to infect bats – which may jump from animals to humans through intermediate animal reservoirs. With many thousands of confirmed cases and hundreds of deaths of the respiratory infection, health officials have confirmed more cases of the novel coronavirus-Wuhan on U.S. soil.

Efficacy Against Coronavirus?

Similar to Influenza A, coronavirus is an enveloped virus. While this would often serve to protect the virus from possible threats, SteraMist® features efficacy against Influenza A and similar, enveloped viral threat including coronavirus. TOMI has EPA accepted studies on the current label to meet the standard to respond to emerging pathogens in the enveloped and non-enveloped categories, which include, SARS, MERS and 2019-nCoV, the current coronavirus outbreak*.

How To Avoid Contracting Coronavirus?

According to the CDC, the best method of coronavirus infection prevention is to wash hands with soap and water, avoid kissing and touching eyes, noses, or mouths, and avoid close contact with those who are sick. Wearing the proper mask and goggles has also shown to possibly assist in the prevention of infection when used properly and consistently. Practicing preventative measures and employing effective disinfection and decontamination methods are essential to helping control the spread of the growing pandemic risk.

*For more information, see EPA Registration #90150-2 ​
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