Marching Forward

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Clients, and Vendors;
Whatever you might think about CoVid-19 or the world’s reaction to it, there’s no denying this is a time of uncertainty. While many businesses are shut down, either by choice or police order, Cousino Restoration and Cousino Medical Services are marching forward. So far, most of our projects and services are only mildly affected but we are already positioned to implement adaptations if necessary:
  • All our key estimators and project managers already have remote access to all project information, and we are implementing the same measures for our business development, accounting, and customer service personnel.
  • Our front desk will continue to answer and route calls in person.
  • Reconstruction is continuing, as those workers already work appropriate physical distances apart, but if reconstruction shuts down for a while our tradespeople are already trained and ready to pivot to emergency and medical services, which we believe will qualify as essential services.
  • We have added to our already considerable stockpile of cleansers, disinfectants, and personal protective suits and masks, and we have substantially increased our inventory of HEPA air scrubbers.
  • Our medical response company, Cousino Medical Services LLC is working with local health systems to implement and large scale disinfection process for medical respirators.
We remain positive about the ability of health of this country and this economy and look forward to recovery of both. In the mean time, the Cousino Family of Companies is still here for you.
Thank you.