Cousino Restoration

Disinfecting & Cleaning Services

At Cousino Environmental Services, we understand that proper sanitation and compliance are critical in a medical environment. That’s why our staff specializes in cleaning and disinfecting medical facilities.

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Comprehensive disinfecting & cleaning services

With 45+ years of disinfecting and cleaning services, you can rely on Cousino Restoration to: 

  • Take measures to reduce the spread of bacteria
  • Disinfect high-traffic areas in your medical facility
  • Use proven “green” environmentally-friendly solutions to clean and disinfect your facility.

Highest Standards and Leading-Edge Technology:

At Cousino Environmental Services, we take great pride in our work by consistently adhering to high standards of performance and an even higher degree of integrity. We use only leading-edge technology and qualified specialty personnel. 

Cousino Environmental Services uses environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfecting solutions and leading-edge technology to reduce the potential for cross-contamination and HAIs (healthcare-acquired infections). Our certified technicians work extensively to terminally clean and disinfect the environment of care. Cousino Environmental Services offers cleaning and disinfecting solutions from floor to ceiling, and everything in between. You can count on Cousino Environmental Services to give your medical facility the same kind of attention that your doctor gives you