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Forensic Cleaning Services

From your ceilings to the floor boards, our Forensic Cleaning services are a deep clean with a followup of steramist of all washable surfaces. The anti-microbial and Bit Solutions provide a 6 log kill on all nonporous surfaces.

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Phases of Forensic Cleaning

With 45+ years of forensic cleaning services, you can rely on Cousino Restoration & Environmental to: 

Phase 1: White Glove Cleaning: Top-down hand wiping of all surfaces with an anti-microbial meeting proper dwell times

Phase 2: 6 Log Kill: Fogging application of Bit Solution (Steramist) that provides a 6 log kill. That’s 99.9999% efficacy on all nonporous surfaces.


The Trusted Name In Forensic Cleaning Services

Nothing can damage your system’s reputation and brand more than a pathogenic outbreak. Not only does it send your system into operational disarray, but people’s lives are at stake. From MRSA to C. diff, facility patients and residents are some of the most vulnerable and at risk to potential pathogens. Cousino Restoration & Environmental Services combines the latest disinfection technology with human expertise and training. When you call us with an outbreak problem, or to initiate a proactive disinfecting plan, we meet with you confidentially and professionalism.