Expertise for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities have very specific needs, and we have the specialized training, equipment, and experience to provide comprehensive restoration services while implementing infection control and containment procedures. At Cousino Medical Services, we know and understand the importance of containment and infection control when working with healthcare facilities and have the necessary training and equipment to minimize risks during the cleanup and restoration process.

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Active Infection Prevention

The risk of healthcare-associated infections goes up during periods of construction, renovation, or property restoration. At Cousino Medical Services, we implement a two part approach to limit the spread of infection through containment and disinfection services.


Effective containment serves multiple purposes in a healthcare facility. First, containment is the first line of defense against spreading infection. Our containment systems are easily cleaned and disinfected and limit the spread of airborne pathogens.

Containment also limits noise and dust from construction activities and provides a visual barrier for a more positive and professional appearance. Our containment systems are safe and secure.


All of the equipment that we use for healthcare facilities is disinfected and stored separately from our general restoration equipment. We take additional steps to ensure our equipment is clean and free of any pathogens before we even enter your building.

We utilize the latest disinfection technology and are an authorized provided of SteraMist. SteraMist effectively eliminates airborne pathogens, infectious diseases, and bacteria quickly and affordably.

ICRA Compliant

Our Cousino Medical Services team is ICRA trained and follows all ICRA/PCRA guidelines to ensure infection control after a disaster. We have extensive experience as both a contractor and as an infection control provider, ensuring you get the best of both.

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