Bexley, Ohio Residence

After a thunderstorm hit Bexley, Ohio, on July 13, 2013, a tree from one resident’s yard fell on the house of their neighbor. The result was damage to the chimney and the lower portion over the home where the homeowner sat reading a newspaper. While the homeowner was thankfully unscathed, their property was not.

Branches fell into the room, and rain started pouring down into different parts of the house that were exposed to the elements. The drywall and hardwoods were soon wet.

The homeowner called their insurance adjuster, who then turned to Cousino Restoration for help. Cousino Restoration was there within an hour and removed the tree the next morning while the storm was still going on.

Through this referral, the Bexley homeowner received the help they needed. Their chimney was completely rebuilt from the roof up, the entire roof was replaced, and they resided the whole back of the house. They also redid 1/3 of the lower level ceiling and the entire hardwood floor. Lastly, they re-framed the wall on the second level of the home.

After four months, the homeowner’s house was completely restored.