Oak Grove Healthcare Center

During a major storm a few years ago, Oak Grove Healthcare Center had a storm sewer backup.  Then the worst thing imaginable happened—water flooded the 46-bed skilled nursing/rehab facility, from the hallways to the rooms.

When Oak Grove called the restoration company they’d worked with previously, they were told they’d have to wait 4 days before this company could help.  But Oak Grove didn’t have 4 days to wait; they had residents who viewed Oak Grove as their home and needed to have their facility restored as soon as possible.

So they called Cousino Restoration and received help within 1 hour of the original call.  Upon arriving to the facility, the Cousino Restoration team quickly ascertained that they would have to remove the walls due to the extensive water damage.  After drying the facility and repairing all of the damages—a project that cost $85,000—the occupants were then able to return to their rooms, unfettered and safe.