UT Bell Tower

The night before the first day of school one semester at the University of Toledo, a boiler line broke in University Hall, the famous collegiate Gothic building which dominates the main campus.  Five floors were majorly affected by the break, and the university staff knew they had to get this issue resolved quickly.

Cousino Restoration Project Manager Tom Peternel received a call from the university at 9:00 pm the night of the accident.  He and his team of 18-20 people worked through the night on this mitigation project to get the admissions and administration offices up and running in time for class.  All of the Cousino Restoration staff stayed on site until 9:00 am the following day.

This story is just one in many successes Cousino Restoration has had with the University of Toledo.  In the past 10 years, for example, Tom Peternel specifically has completed 20 projects with this university including several residence and academic halls.  Cousino Restoration prides itself on its relationships with major local institutions like the University of Toledo, built on shared trust and experience.