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Industrial Facilities

Large manufacturing and warehouse facilities require specialized restoration services designed to limit business disruption, to mitigate the damage, and to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.


​Expert Property Restoration

When a fire or water damage loss occurs in a manufacturing or warehouse building, the damage can be extensive and detrimental to your operation. You need a restoration contractor capable of handling a large loss and who can work swiftly and efficiently to get your facility fully operational as soon as possible.

​Cousino Restoration & Environmental specializes in large commercial losses and has extensive experience with restoring manufacturing and industrial properties. Through strategic planning, our team is able to develop a plan for remediation that has the least amount of impact on your daily operations while also ensuring the fastest possible route to completion.


​Specialized, Strategic Approach

Industrial facilities require a strategic approach as the buildings are often very large, open, and house specialized equipment and/or large amounts of inventory. Our first priority is to contain the damage and protect unaffected infrastructure, followed by the remediation of the structure and contents of the building. We will work with you to limit the disruption to your operations as much as possible.

We are full equipped and have the staff available to quickly set up scaffolding to reach high areas, to ensure containment, and to work around the clock to clean and restore the property. In many cases, we are able to treat and clean smoke and water damaged manufacturing equipment and other items on-site, reducing the total cost and time required for restoration.


​Fast, Professional & Experienced

When your industrial facility is impacted by water damage or fire and smoke damage, you can rely on Cousino Restoration & Environmental to provide the highest level of service and quality restoration services. Our experienced team is on-call and ready to respond 24/7.