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Mold Removal and Remediation Services - Perrysburg, Ohio

Cousino Restoration offers comprehensive mold removal and abatement services in Perrysburg Ohio. Our team of highly-trained professionals have the expertise and experience to effectively identify, assess, and eliminate mold from any environment. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and materials to ensure all harmful mold has been correctly abated from their home or business.

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Mold Removal Services in Perrysburg, Ohio

Mold removal is a complex process that requires expertise and specialized knowledge. Removing mold incorrectly can lead to further health complications, as well as spreading the infestation to other areas of the home or business. Additionally, improper removal techniques may leave behind harmful spores, leading to additional issues down the line. Cousino Restoration has all the necessary equipment and processes for full mold removal. We proudly serve Perrysburg, Ohio, and surrounding areas and offer 24/7 mold abatement and removal services.


​Expert Mold Remediation Services

When mold growth occurs indoors, it should be cause for concern. While mold occurs naturally and is an integral part of nature, indoor mold growth can affect your health, damage your property, and is often a sign of another problem, such as a water leak or condensation. If you experience mold or the signs/symptoms of mold, it’s time to call the mold removal experts at Cousino Restoration & Environmental.

When in Doubt – Call The Mold Removal Experts:

Mold growth may not always be visible or evident. Mold spores are present in the air and enter our homes from the outside. In most cases, these mold spores do not cause any problems until they locate a source for food and water. A slowly leaking roof can cause mold to grow in the attic; water leaking around a bathtub or an appliance can damage walls, floors, and insulation; or condensation on a wall behind a piece of furniture can cause mold to grow.

Because mold can be hidden, annual mold and mildew checks are an important part of your structure’s routine maintenance. You or a professional should check for leaks and signs of mold growth on a regular basis and take action as soon as a potential issue is discovered. Left unchecked, mold will continue to grow and spread, damaging your property.

, ​What to Do If You Discover Mold

​What to Do If You Discover Mold

When mold is found in your property, you should contact a mold remediation professional with the training and experience to effectively remove the mold. At Cousino Restoration & Environmental, we follow a multi-step process to not only remove the mold but to prevent it from returning. The EPA does a great job at referencing the right protocols to follow in the event of mold in your home or business.

  • 1. Address the water source

    Mold growth will only occur indoors when there is an available water source. This water source must be identified and remedied to prevent the mold from returning. After the water source is addressed, the affected area and materials will be dried or removed.

  • 2. Containment

    Mold spores travel by air, and when disturbed can send thousands of microscopic mold spores into the air to travel throughout your home or commercial property. Before we remove the mold, we will setup a negative-air containment and air scrubbers to trap the mold spores during removal.

  • 3. Removal

    During the removal phase, our technicians will treat hard surfaces to remove mold growth, and will remove porous materials that cannot be effectively cleaned. We will monitor mold levels throughout the removal phase until the levels are within normal range.

  • 4. Reconstruction

    If building materials needed to be removed during the mold removal process, we will make the necessary repairs to restore the area to its pre-loss condition. This may include replacing insulation, drywall, and flooring materials.



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Whether you are dealing with a large or small mold problem, when you call Cousino Restoration & Environmental you can rest assured knowing that it will be handled correctly and that your home or business will be safe, healthy, and free of mold growth. We have extensive training and experience with mold remediation, and will efficiently handle the situation to limit any disruption to your daily life. If you have visible mold growth or suspect you may have a problem, give us a call today!