Grand Rapids, OH Residence

Ron Miller of Grand Rapids, Ohio, has one of the most architecturally unique homes in his town.  Designed in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, his home is made of entirely of stones, stacked and mortared, and sits near the Maumee River.

So when his wood cedar shake singles caught fire one day, he knew he would have to turn to an experienced and trustworthy restoration company with an eye for detail and aim for precision.

Cousino Restoration was called to the scene and arrived at his home that evening.  They boarded up the home, tarped the roof—which had been burnt through entirely—and assessed the damage.  Afterwards, they completed cleanup processes in the interior of the home.

Working with a team of 10 people, Cousino Restoration provided new cedar shake roofing for Ron’s home and customized trusses for the roof structure.  In the inside of this unique home, they painted the entire interior, working painstakingly and meticulously due to the field-stone-constructed walls of the house.

After six months of restoration and construction, Ron’s house returned to being the shining jewel it had been in Grand Rapids.