Lyman Harbor

Sandusky’s Lyman Harbor is not only the premier waterfront entertainment complex in the area, but a historic site going back as far as the 1920s.  Originally founded in 1875, the Lyman Boat Works company relocated to Sandusky in the early 20th century and produced popular boats designed specifically for Lake Erie.  Today, many of the buildings are retrofitted structures from the original company.

One recent February, a water pipe broke, and water spread throughout the kitchen, banquet hall, and ball area of Lyman Harbor.  Half of the facility was underwater, and all of the furniture and carpets in these areas were destroyed. The entire area had to be facelifted in time for the April wedding season.

Over the next six weeks, the Cousino Restoration team worked diligently on a project that ended up costing about $70-$80K overall.  Everything was completely redone and restored down to the tiniest detail—even the most intricate of the surviving chandeliers: a beautiful light fixture that had 1 million pieces of glass to it.